21 Examples of Creative Packaging Design

Jul 07, 09 21 Examples of Creative Packaging Design

The function of retail packaging in the modern world is mainly to encourage consumers to purchase and use the product. In our consumerist society people have also developed a tendency to purchase products that are more cleverly packaged and presented. This article showcases a handful of innovative contemporary packaging designs for everyday products.

Experimental Milk Carton

A stunning milk carton concept design by Julien De Repentigny & Gabriel Lefebvre. [link]

Creative milk packaging design

Mr. Clean® Dumbbell Packaging

A multi-purpose container for cleaning detergent products, water, and can be used as a dumbbell. Designed by Tommaso Ceschi. [link]

Mr. Clean multi-purpose container

Mr. Clean multi-purpose container

Yoplait® 360

Award winning Israeli designed yogurt bottle with the hole intending to increase the height of the bottle yet maintaining the required 100 ml capacity. [link]

Yoplait 360 yogurt bottle

Jones® Gaba

Colorful soda can design by Jones Soda Company for a caffeinated energy drink. [link]

Jones Gaba soda can design

Ephit Vodka Bottles

Vodka bottle design by Mallory Roynon. [link]

Ephit Vodka bottle design

Salt&Pepper Cell

Salt and pepper shakers shaped like D-Cell batteries. A vertical transparent strip along the side indicate the amount of spices left in the shakers. Created by Antrepo Design Industry. [link]

Salt&Pepper cell shakers

Salt&Pepper cell shakers

Espa Skin Care Products

Packaging design for a range of advanced skin care products. Interesting use of vibrant gradients. [link]

Skin care products packaging

Askul Garbage Bag

Cardboard package for garbage bags making use of colorful typography. [link]

Askul garbage bag packaging

Ferrarelle Mineral Water

Unique minimalistic water bottle design. [link]

Ferrarelle mineral water bottle design

Remarkable Pencils

An interesting use of grey board. Designed by Frost Design. [link]

Remarkable pencils packaging design

Remarkable pencils packaging design

Germanium Body Soap

A truly interesting/bizarre example of packaging from Japan. [link]

Germanium body soap packaging design

Evian® 2005

Evian mineral water in an expressive limited edition package. [link]

Evian limited edition packaging design


Cider drink – can design by Swedish designer Amore. [link]

Cider drink can design

Vitamin Packaging

Excellent use of typography and colors in this minimalistic vitamin package design. By Robert Ferrell. [link]

Vitamin package design


Rrruffs dog treats packaged in paper bag with typographic layout. [link]

TastyBone dog food packaging

Banana Juice

A brilliant packaging solution for banana juice – it even imitates the texture of a real banana skin. Designed by Japanese Designer Naoto Fukasawa. [link]

Banana juice box design

USPA Supernatural

Creative packaging for USPA Supernatural hair products with rich metallic color scheme. [link]

USPA Supernatural hair products design

360 Paper Bottle

The world’s first recyclable paper bottle – both versatile and eco-friendly designed by Brand Image. [link]

360 recyclable paper bottle design

Resealable Soda

An interesting packaging concept invented by Johan de Broyer of Ukraine. [link]

Resealable soda can concept design

Silhouette bottle

A concept packaging solution with a very fluid and ergonomic geometry. Designed by Martin Broen. [link]

Silhouette ergonomic container design

Wine Can Concept

This product has an elegant matte finish and won the 2006 Swedish packaging design award. Designed by Jens Andersson and Jonas Forsman. [link]

Wine can concept design


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    I’m liking the site. Especially the Mr.Clean dumbbell idea.

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  4. Interesting packaging, although I don’t really know how efficient some of them are. I doubt that the milk container really holds a lot and its probably hard to eat yogurt if there is a hole in the container. The creativity is great though, gotta love that. It’s great to see that marketers are always thinking!

  5. salt n pepper packs are cool

  6. keep up the good work! look forward to see more fun stuffs!

  7. The creative packaging designs are ingenious. Take the silhouette bottle for cleaner. Have you ever tried to pour cleaner from those wide, ungainly shaped bottles it comes in (at my store)? Many times it takes two hands! But when small businesses may not be able to afford the added expense of a packaging design such as these bottles, a well designed label can work just as well and the affordability of label printing allows design changes if needed. It seems that businesses can either go with a higher priced products to help pay for interesting or more convenient packaging or appeal to consumers who like lower prices and stick with inexpensive labels.

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  9. do any body know an company that design a new creative package design ?

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  11. Love the milk carton concept!

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    I’m a Graphic Designer having 9 yrs exp. I liked ur designs especially ur colour combination is excellent.

  14. These are some really nice designs. Love the salt & pepper concept.

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  18. The Designers have done a great job with packaging design. I sure hope they don’t raise the product prices


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