Eco-friendly Printing With Pencil Stubs

Mar 15, 10 Eco-friendly Printing With Pencil Stubs

This is a printer that runs completely on pencil stubs to print its documents – absolutely revolutionary with no use of ink cartridges at all. What makes this concept even more interesting is its use of an eraser to erase off the mistakes. This concept of green technology gives hope for a more sustainable future. Images after the break.

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Introducing the pencil printer

Pencil Printer's smart design

Printing with pencil lead

Designed by: Hoyoung Lee
Via: Yanko Design


  1. whoa this looks so cool :O

  2. This is an amazing idea, I’m from México, how can I get one of those?

  3. Wow… but is it already in the market somewhere os it’s a mere prototype project of the idea? I think we could make good use of it here in the office! We have 5 prints and any of them are working today! lol

  4. Jonathan /

    It’s amazing as an concept but will it really work? either way, it looks good!

  5. yay first post in a long time..where did you go?

  6. Amazing Gadget, Truly eco friendly

  7. Max /

    Very impressive, I sure want to use lead (Pb) on my printing and attempt to poison the recipient. Where does the lead that came from the pencil anyway..?

    (Hint: an allotrope of carbon called graphite is usually found in those sticks, ie pencils)

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