Sketchbooks of a Web Developer

Mar 17, 10 Sketchbooks of a Web Developer

Before any tangible designs are made, any experienced designer should know that the first thing you do before any sort of web development project is map out a rough sketch first. Although most sketching is done on blank paper, many developers have now started using sketch templates for their web applications. This is definitely the most productive and organized way to start probably one of the most important phase of the application design process. Below are resources and templates to download or print off for designing your next great project! Enjoy reading and share this post!

Templates for Print

These are some good print-your-own sketch templates for web design.

Printable Sketch Templates for Web Design Browser (Chrome) Sketch Pad by UI Stencils

UI Stencils Browser Template

960 Grid System Template by Nathan Smith

960 Grid System template

Grid paper by Konigi

Grid Paper template

Paper Browser by Rain Creative Lab

Paper Browser template

MBTI sketching paper for ideation by Concept7

MBTI sketching paper for ideation

Sketching grid paper by Concept7

Sketching grid paper

6 pages template by nunile

6 pages template

Paper wireframe templates by Jason Robb

Paper wireframe template

Sketchboards by adaptive path

Sketchboards template

Wireframe template by Alfonso Bozzelli

Wireframe template 2


You can actually order some of these sketchbooks online if you prefer that. Check these ones out:

Browser Sketch Pad by UI Stencils

  • 8.5 X 11 Inches
  • 50 Sheets in a pad
  • 70 lb Paper
  • Chip board back

UI Stencils browser sketchpad

Wireframe Graph Paper Notepad by Konigi

  • 50 sheets
  • 8 1/2 x 11 inches on white opaque vellum paper

Wireframe Graph Paper Notepad

Storyboard Notepad by Konigi

  • 50 sheets
  • 8 1/2 x 11 inches on white opaque vellum paper

Storyboard Notepad

Dot Grid Book by Behance

  • Semi-Hard Suede-touch Cover
  • 9 x 10.5 Inches
  • 50 pages, 80lb Premium Blend Paper
  • Double spiral (black)

Dot Grid Book

Edit: Thanks Amanda for her suggestion App Sketchbook

App Sketchbook

  • 3 real-size iPhone® templates per page
  • Pixel (20px) ruler and title bar markings
  • Ruled section for your development notes
  • 50 Double-sided pages

I hope you find these templates useful to better your design and development process and if you have any additional resources you would like to share, please do leave a comment so I can add them to this list!


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