Smart Advertising – 30+ Bizarre and Creative Ads

Aug 19, 09 Smart Advertising – 30+ Bizarre and Creative Ads

Marketers put up with a great deal of effort to put their products out there in the public to make us buy the things we don’t need. With that much competition out there, each product must stand out in the crowd to succeed. Over 30 creative, smart, and awe-inspiring advertisements and messages have been compiled in this article to inspire and showcase outstanding achievement in this industry.

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Denver Water Conservation

Creative Advertisement for Denver Water

Denver Water Bench

Nike Run

Creative Advertisement for Nike Run

Mars Chilled

Advertisement for Mars Chilled

BMW of Bridgeport

Advertisement for BMW Bridgeport dealership

Coop’s Paint (Nationwide Insurance)

Advertisement for Coop's Paints

Silberman’s Fitness Center

Advertisement for Silberman's Fitness Center


Advertisement for Cingular

Smart ForFour

Advertisement for Smart ForFour


Advertisement for Coca-Cola

Bic Shavers

Ad for Shaver


Creative Advertisement for Puma Shoes

WWF Paper Conservation

Creative advertisement for WWF

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate

Advertisement for Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate

McDonalds Open 24 Hours Campaign

Creative Advertisement for McDonalds (24/7)

Nestle Chocolate Products

Billboard Advertisement for Nestle Products

96.3 Rock Radio

Advertisement for 96.3 Rock Radio

Duracell Batteries

Creative Bus Advertisement for Duracell Batteries

Bergmann Funeral Services

Funeral Services Advertisement

Sharpie Permanent Fineline Markers

Advertisement for Sharpie Permanent Markers

Mr. Clean  Crosswalk

Creative Mr. Clean Road Cross Ad

Lego Building Crane

Advertisement for Lego on a construction crane

Guinness Beer

Guinness Beer Ad

Sony PSP

Advertisement for PSP

IKEA Billboard Ad

Creative IKEA Advertisement


Creative FedEx Billboard Ad

Liquid Paper

Creative Advertisement for Liquid Paper

The Day After Tomorrow (Film)

Advertisement for Film The Day After Tomorrow

Anti-Drunk Driving Advertisement

Anti-Drunk Driving Ad

Formula Toothpaste

Formula Toothpaste Ad

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Billboard

Miele Vacuum Cleaners Billboard Ad

Eskom Energy Conservation Ad

Eskom Energy Consevation Ad

Floralp Butter

Creative Ad for Floralp Butter


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  1. Liam Maskell /

    WOW Some awesome ads… love the Free air guitar ad made me pmsl :P

  2. I loved the free air guitar the best.

    nice collection.

  3. Cool. So far I haven’t seen anything like this in my area.

  4. Warren /

    That was awesome. Haha free air guitar and nike run ads were best!!

  5. Great collection, very inspirational! I like Eskom Energy Conservation Ad the best.

  6. great collection, thanks for inspire..

  7. Bic Shavers and LEGO outdoor ideas is the best from set

  8. This article has been shared on Go and vote it!

  9. Silver /

    Were was that air guitar stuff, mine kinda broke and i could use a new and fresh one.

  10. Menhir /

    The picture titled “Coop’s Paint” is actually a billboard for Nationwide Insurance. Coop’s Paint is a made up company for purposes of the ad.

    All 3 billboards are for the same ad showing you can’t take anything for granted with the paint intact, the paint spilled over, and the tag line (including a splatter of paint on the last one).

    I live nearby and see it everyday :-)

  11. steve /

    the “coops paints” ad is actually for nationwide insurance. it’s in downtown columbus, ohio (where nationwide is headquartered). an agency created the brand coops paints purely for the purpose of this advert.

  12. Those that make an appeal to the environment awareness are truly ingenious!

    The air guitar campaign is a killer! :D

  13. No, the real killer is Bergmann Funeral Services’ ‘Come a little closer.’ ;)
    Really liked Nationwide Insurance. And, today morning I started my new business: Coop’s Paints!

  14. brilliant! loved the Smart one.

  15. Really cool list.

    The Mr. Clean sidewalk strip was the best imo :)

  16. mr. clean ad is brilliant.
    but it might get someone killed.

  17. So many brilliantly visual ads! I love the air guitar, gave me a chuckle. Don’t get the Mickey D’s one…can someone explain? lol

  18. The one for Liquid Paper is actually for FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinko’s). You can see their logo at the bottom of the liquid paper bottle.

  19. lol @ “American nothing.”

  20. do any body have an idea for companies that create these advertisments

  21. wow, very nice…

  22. Run!
    Should’ve put a video camera next to it :)

  23. Ramiro Cortez /

    Super! Nice ads! :D

  24. Fargo Venize Rounge /

    Very neat, good collection. Super!! Loved the hot air balloon ad.

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