Interview with David Gheorghita

Aug 26, 09 Interview with David Gheorghita

David Gheorghita is a graphics designer from Romania who kicked off his career in 2005 designing CD and DVD covers and promoting material for bands. He then moved on to work as an art director at an advertising agency. Currently he works as a freelance web/graphics designer providing many design services.

Welcome to LOOKS.GD! Please introduce yourself and your background. Can you tell us where you are from and how you got into this line of work?

David Gheorghita: Hi! First of all thanks for the opportunity of being interviewed on LOOKS.GD. I discovered your website a few weeks ago and since then I’m checking it regularly – I’m impressed with the quality of the articles.

I was born and I currently live in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Maybe most of you never heard of Cluj-Napoca, but is the fourth largest city in Romania and is the capital of the historical province of Transylvania. If you want to see some old pics from Cluj-Napoca you can check out

Colourflow Poster

I studied journalism at university but when I started my studies I never thought that I would become a graphic designer. In 2003-2004 I started playing in Photoshop and doing wallpapers for a Dream Theater fan wallpaper website called (it’s still online) and since then, my interest for graphic arts constantly grew and developed. In February 2005, I heard on the radio that a music production studio from Cluj was looking for a graphic designer to hire. I put some of my works on a CD and I went to the studio. I was really nervous because I was afraid that I wasn’t experienced enough for that high level of work (and to be honest I wasn’t!), but they really liked my stuff, so I got the job instantly. From February 2005 to August 2007 I designed over 100 CD/DVD covers, made all the promoting materials for the bands, posters for tours (within Romania or European tours as well), fliers etc. The thing I didn’t like about this job is that many of the projects were urgent; sometimes I had to make a CD cover in a few hours and send it to print because the artist needed the CDs urgently. So I couldn’t experiment and create as much as I wanted so in the summer of 2007 it was time to move on. An art director job was open at an advertising agency. I got the job and working there was cool. The agency had clients from  some pretty major companies and I learned many things about advertising. Unfortunately the agency had some bad management issues and I decided to leave and since then I’ve been working as a freelancer.

Have you always been artistic since childhood? Or was it something you have discovered later in life? How have you evolved as a designer since then?

D.G.: It’s weird because during my childhood, I kinda sucked at drawing and stuff; my drawing teachers’ old-fashioned methods didn’t really attract me and we were never challenged, so I wasn’t passionate about it. But the taste for art grew when I started to work as a designer; the whole perspective about visual arts has changed because I was starting to be a part of it. Doing design almost every day for the past four years helped my skills  evolve and develop a lot.

Typography Experiment

What does your typical day look like? Do you follow a specific routine or schedule?

D.G.: Being a freelancer has some advantages and one of them is that you can use your time however you want, make your own schedule that fits your needs. I hate routine, you know, waking up at 7 AM going to work at 8 AM, coming home really tired at 5 PM and so on. Doing this for a few years can really drive you mad. Usually I work in the morning taking breaks for checking what’s new in the design world. This is the same for working in the evening or at night. I also like to go out every day even if it’s just for a few minutes to go buy something to drink or something.

Can you describe your work? What is your favorite style of digital art?

D.G.: I’m attracted to traditional painting and drawing techniques like brush strokes, stains, splatters, watercolor, paper, textures and so on, so that’s what I’m trying to reproduce in my works. I also like vintage style in graphic design. I dream of having my own art studio with traditional painting tools and Wacom tablet to make the transition between traditional and modern techniques easier. I don’t know if my works are good enough to be called art but I really like to think that there are people out there who would like one of my works on their walls.

Lazarus Poster

Who are some designers you admire and why? Have you ever had opportunities to work with any of them? If yes, how was it and what did you work on?

D.G.: Designers I admire? Wow, there are so many great artists out there that it would be really hard to name all of them. I love the works of David Carson, Lasse Hoile, Robert Lindström, Si Scott, Raphael Vicenzi, Alberto Seveso, Vlad Gerasimov and many, many others.

I didn’t have the opportunity to work with other designers, but I’d like to. Although, I did work a few years ago with an amazing artist, the sculptor Liviu Mocan. I designed a CD cover with one of his works on the front cover, and it turned out great.

Paula Seling Poster

How are you inspired? Any websites, artists, or things in real life that are your favorite sources of inspiration?

D.G.: Most of the time, my inspiration comes from the internet – there are tons of galleries and articles that showcase best the designers out there. Twitter also can be really useful when it comes to inspiration, there are many designers that tweet inspirational articles and other useful resources. Of course I can also be inspired by the things in real life, such as things I see around me and in nature. A flock of birds for example can be really inspirational; I use birds in many of my designs.

Music also can be really inspiring – it can take you to a certain mood and influence your work a lot. I love well designed CD covers; for me music and visual arts were always connected. Interpreting a piece of music visually is a real challenge.

Paintings also inspire me, I have some favorite contemporary painters that I admire like Joan Miro, Jackson Pollock, Wasilly Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Gustav Klimt and so on.

whn poster

Which project in your career are you most proud of? What are you working on right now? And what would you see yourself doing in 5 years time?

D.G.: I think my favorite stuff from my portfolio are the personal projects, which I made for myself and not for a client so I was not limited by anything. I’m proud of my Mutatio Mentis poster, and PT series posters (lazarus, what happens now & heartattack in a layby). I’m also really satisfied with the poster I made for Paula Seling’s concert. I think those are the designs that I’m most proud of.

Right now I’m working on a web design project and two logos that need redesigns.

Besides design, music is a really important component of my life. I’m currently playing drums in a band so in 5 years I see myself touring with my band or working in my art studio that I was talking about earlier… who knows?! Both sound great : )

Mutatio Memphis Poster

What is your opinion on social media and how has it influenced your career?

D.G.: I didn’t pay much attention to it and didn’t realize its importance until a few months ago. I’m still learning how to use it and I continue to be amazed by the fabulous power of social media. I started using twitter just a few months ago when I didn’t really know what twitter was about and now I’m blown away by the amount of information that comes to me within seconds! Unbelievable! I’m still a beginner when it comes to social media but I started to understand how to use it. By the way my twitter username is @colourofair, if any of your readers want to follow me (I tweet most about design and occasionally about good music).

heartattack Poster

Thank you for providing us the opportunity to interview you. Any final thoughts and advice you wish to share with our readers?

D.G.: Well this was my first interview so I hope your readers didn’t fell asleep while reading this : ) And thank you for taking interest in me and my works, I had a great time sharing this stuff. In the end I have something for your readers, a quote by Pablo Picasso that somehow represents me: “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

Thanks again to David for doing this interview with us, here is where you can find him on the web:


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  2. hey, great interview!

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  3. Excellent interview–I’ve enjoyed looking at Gheorghita’s work. He keeps the art crisp and focused, but incorporates a lot of intricacy and detail, which leads to overall stunning visuals. Much impressed. :) Nice job, I’ll be checking out more of his stuff.


  4. nice, like his work and style.

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