15+ Handpicked Stylish Desktop Wallpapers

Aug 13, 09 15+ Handpicked Stylish Desktop Wallpapers

Desktop wallpapers can be a great source of inspiration. They motivate us every time we log into our computer. In this article I will be showcasing a collection of stunning desktop wallpapers that are definitely worth a look.

1. Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis by kano89

2. Catwave

Catwave by Matti Kemppainen

3. Colourful Autobahn

Colourful Autobahn by occasionallyxxx

4. Composition #72

Composition #72 by Patrick Gunderson

5. Cubes

Cubes by Nubero

6. Currently Occupied by David Lanham

Currently Occupied by David Lanham

7. Hexo

Hexo by f-law

8. Helvetica by I Love Typography

Helvetica by I Love Typography

9. Illumination

Illumination by f-law

10. Influx

Influx by applesactually

11. Retro Wood Wall

Retro Wooden Wall by kano89

12. Sous-Verres

Sous-Verres by Parachute

13. -Stop-

Stop by SaliM89

14. Untitled by Super Silo

Wallpaper by Super Silo

15. Untitled by Volll.com

Wallpaper from Volll.com

16. With

With by f-law

17. X3 Studios Wallpaper

X3 Studios Wallpaper


  1. Great collection, some of them are so simple but so good at the same time. Love the swimming dog!

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  3. Hi.
    Someone twittered a link from your blog. Congrats on the great work you’re doing. Keep it up! You’ve got +1 feed subscriber ;)

    PS: Using the retro wood wall as my wallpaper. Looks darn fine!

  4. Great post, love #15. Something about underwater dogs…

  5. really cool walls.
    some are inspiring

  6. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    desain -desain gambar nya



  7. Gaston /

    Book marked, thanks for the great go to inspiration

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